At EcoPlanet Energy we hold ourselves to the highest standards with 100% integrity when we endeavor to investigate each clients energy consumption and usage thoroughly with the goal of achieving a reduction in your annual energy consumption.

All of our solutions are supervised by EcoPlanet Energy and installed by our quality trained staff or certified partners, allowing us to ensure that the same quality and standards given to our solutions from the moment they are delivered until the time they are installed and commissioned by our qualified technicians.

8 Steps to meet your energy needs

  1. Take a sun’s eye view: Every property is different and Solar or Wind power might not be right for all buildings. That is why we  begin by viewing your property to study its layout, structural orientation, shading and other critical factors.
  2. Evaluate utility bills: We review and analyze your current energy consumption and model your current costs and rate structures, and demand patterns. We will discuss your unique energy needs and project goals for your future project.
  3. Perform a site survey: Once you feel satisfied with our analysis we will follow up with a site assessment of your property to evaluate the amount of potential renewable energy that can be generated, based upon the sunlight or wind your property receives throughout the day or night in the case of wind power generation, and the amount of roof or area space available to generate the appropriate amount of energy. During our visit we take detailed measurements of your property and examine your existing electrical system, and structural requirements.
  4. Design and engineer a solution: Based on our analysis and your preferences, our team of licensed professionals will design a commercial solar energy system to your building and business needs. If you would like your property to make a statement, we can also design an impressive visual symbol. We’ll also consult with you and our financing partners about your capital and return of investment requirements.
  5. Manage government policies and rebate programs: Energy systems may require lengthy city reviews, approvals and permitting, so once a full site assessment has been completed, our professional consultant has the expertise in navigating these channels and will guide you with handling all the paperwork to ensure you benefit from local, state and federal renewable incentive programs.
  6. Submit proposal: We will carefully prepare a detailed proposal to include gross system costs, all applicable rebates and incentives, other tax benefits, investment rate demonstrating how generating your own power can lower your energy costs and benefits of return of investment (ROI), key facts about solar and wind energy and an overview of some of our projects including client references.
  7. Installation: Our team consist of experienced certified commercial contractors. We know your property is an investment, so we uphold meticulous standards while completing your renewable energy installation efficiently and on-time with minimal disruption to you, your business and your customers or guests.Our  will see your project through from concept to completion. Leave the details to us.
  8. Post-Installation Service: After installation, we will instruct you or your staff on how to maintain your system, and provide any assistance you may need. We will monitor the performance of your solar system and in the unlikely event there is a problem, we will likely know it before you do. Feel assured that you have taken the right step towards saving money on your energy costs, and also take comfort knowing that you are contributing to the well being of the environment. Congratulations!

Whether you have one Property or many, we can design an eco Energy solution that will meet your energy needs.

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