At EcoPlanet Energy, the experience and opportunities are unique. We believe in three core concepts that guide us in what we do:

Be Green

We started EcoPlanet Energy because of a deep desire to educate and help the society go green.  We may supply the market with world leading renewable energy equipment and solutions, but it’s why we do it that is important to us: to make renewable energy more versatile and therefore help more people use energy more efficiently, go green and be more conscious about the natural environment.  Caring for the environment permeates every thing we do.

Be Great

We do what we do with passion and a belief that every day can be better than the last.  We work hard, we take on great responsibility, and we seek to improve our own lives and everyone’s around us.  We believe in the human ability to do amazing things and settle for nothing less than greatness.

Have Fun

And we do it with a smile.  We believe that you should be just as happy at work as you are away from work.
We care deeply about EcoPlanetEnergy being a fun place to work and do business with.

Do you share these qualities?

A few people at EcoPlanet Energy have “hired themselves” by learning and growing with us, either by becoming a friend, a collaborator, partner or even completing an internship, and in the process have found a way to contribute to the company’s success. If the positions available do not suit you but you believe your contribution can add value to our cause, we’d still love to hear from at

EcoPlanet Energy