EcoPlanet Energy Solutions

We believe that everyone has the right to generate their own energy, be it in their homes with Solar thermal for heating their water, Solar electric or Wind electric for lighting or powering their appliances, or even with devices that use renewable energy to power up your mobile gadgets while on the move. We are proud to offer our customers the choice in taking control of their energy costs.

“How we live now affects how everything will be in the future.”
Choose a Green World.”

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Renewable energy solutions

We help you select the right renewable energy solution for your location, beit a Solar Electric, Thermal or a Wind Energy solution. In opting for a solar solution, the biggest issue surrounding solar platforms is how efficient they are at converting sunlight into electricity or sunlight into hot water. There are so many questions you need to consider, roof size, roof direction etc which is where EcoPlanet Energy can help you.
Our experience helps us to plan and design your system taking into account all the variables and present you with a series of meaningful options.

The benefits of green energy are there for both home and business owners alike.
Solar power from Photovoltaic (PV) panels is looked at as a future solution, providing long term energy generation for up to 25 years in many instances. When it comes to Solar panels you will find that the best brands today offer a conversion rate of around 15% – 18%; brands that don’t cost as much may only convert from 5 to 10% efficiently. If the panels are more efficient, you will need less of them. This is something we take into consideration when designing and specifying your system.
The advances in technology mean that it is no longer the exclusive reach of the wealthy households or businesses, with reducing prices and overall panel efficiency it is now a viable option for the general public. The newest models of solar paneling systems can generate more electrical energy with the same portion of sunlight and less solar panel space.

Let us help you make that first step in creating a sustainable and greener world.