Renewable energy power for Public buildings, Condominium developments, Rural communities.

Would you like to power your community organization’s building or square with power courtesy of the sun or wind?
Whether you’re looking for alternative power sources for your local school, church, condominium housing or apartments, office development, or even your simple get away cabin or ranch in a more distant rural environment; there’s a renewable energy option for you.
Today, there’s more pressure than ever on operating budgets for public services, like street lighting,  schools,  colleges, universities and local authority property.

Community spirit

Lead by example in your community. If your community group is looking for new ways of reducing operational costs, the vacant rooftop areas, open public spaces and community buildings may form an important part of the answer. The other element you need is a solar or wind power system!

Benefits included are:

1. Cut your building’s heating and electricity bills.
2. Earn income from government incentives and tax-free credits.
3. Cut your building’s carbon emissions.
4. Meet your local authority’s environmental targets.
5. Enhance your curriculum.


Renewable energy farm power

Incorporating a solar power farm has none of the labor intensive nature and ongoing overheads of other aspects of farming. No water is needed, no herbicides or pesticides, no vet bills, early morning starts or late night paddock checks. There are only benefits in creating or providing  your own farm with clean, renewable power.

There’s next to no maintenance involved – the sun does all the hard work for you; making you money by saving you money while leaving you free to do other things. Becoming a solar farm can easily integrate with your farm’s current activities.

Best price guarantee

For grid connected renewable energy power systems, the Government and local Electric supplier company provides community groups with incentives to reduce the cost of their grid connected system.
For off grid systems, assistance is available too!
Aside from the tax rebates, EcoPlanet Energy provides great discounts for community group buildings, condominium housing and apartments, as well as rural community groups, providing installation services across the country.

EcoPlanet Energy are the solar and wind renewable energy power experts. Contact us today for expert, obligation free advice.