The first question you should ask yourself is if installing an eco-Energy solution is the right choice for you?
Convenience and benefits is of ultimate importance when deciding on an eco-Energy system, large or small;
Right now you could be wasting up to 40% of all the energy you consume.

By using  at least one form of Renewable Energy Source, can help you :

  1. Reduce Your Energy Costs
  2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  3. Reduce Your Maintenance Costs & Downtime
  4. Increase Your Productivity
  5. Improve Your ‘Green’ Image

Allow us to highlight some further benefits that power generated from renewable energy sources can bring:


- The price of solar power has dropped dramatically over the last 18 months, while  electricity prices have skyrocketed – and the price hikes will continue.
- Generate electricity at a lower cost than purchasing from a utility.
- Generate revenue by selling your power to your building’s tenant or to electricity retailers.
- Increase the value of your building by improving your Greenstar rating.
- Reduce electricity use on site related to cooling by using solar to reflect sunlight from your North facing roof.

Social and promotional

- Enhance your credibility or brand via system visibility if you have a business.
- Eco Manage launch events, install data monitoring displays in prominent areas of your property to increase awareness of the environment.
- Produce peak power – Brazil is heading towards a chronic shortage.


- Generate clean, green energy for decades – well beyond the 25 year warranty period on the panels.
- Climate change concerns, coupled with high oil prices, peak oil, and increasing government support, are driving increasing renewable energy legislation, incentives and commercialization.
According to a 2011 projection by the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar power generators may produce most of the world’s electricity within 50 years, dramatically reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that currently harm the environment.

Although there are many online sources that help you estimate your Sun (UV) absorption or wind speed  strength in your desired location, however, the information varies greatly and may not be relevant for your specific location.

Fortunately, there are several ways we can assist you!

The first suggestion is to contact one of our project consultants or a local partner.  Choosing and configuring sites for solar and wind products is what these individuals deal with every day, and they will be able to provide you with their estimation of the relevant power or heat production at your property.

The second suggestion is to install an anemometer (actinometer or bolometer ) or a simple Sunlight meter, which is the most accurate way to measure your wind speeds and sunlight exposure.  Fortunately, EcoPlanet Energy offers Starter kits that contain easy to use, cost efficient tools to help you accurately determine these preliminary factors about your current location.
Best of all, if you later decide to purchase a renewable eco-Energy solution from us, we will credit you the value of the Starter kit towards your eco-Energy solution.