Commercial Renewable Energy

Our commercial renewable energy division covers Wind turbine generator, solar thermal and solar panel based photovoltaic (PV) power solutions installed on the rooftops or usable spaces of businesses, schools and community organizations across the country, from 20 kilowatts to 1 megawatt in size.
A business can generate even greater returns than a home users because typically they would be in a position to use all the electricity generated, as they operate during daylight hours. These returns to a business are significant and are something every business owner should fully explore.

With electricity rates are rising, with no end in sight an EcoPlanet renewable energy system can add to your bottom line. A number of consumer reports suggests that electricity prices could rise by as much as 50% by 2020. This cost will be a significant burden to any business.
A sustainable energy solution system from EcoPlanet Energy could help mitigate those price hikes, and put cash into your  business.

Anyone with a large roof space could reap the rewards of a commercial scale solar power system – you only need a minimum 200 m2 of free roof space in good condition, unimpeded and unshaded; with preferably a northerly aspect.

Why go renewable?

Brazil is among the highest carbon polluters in the world per capita and yet has the most renewable energy resources of any inhabited continent. Proven solar and wind energy technology is both beneficial to the environment and a great hedge against rapidly rising electricity prices. There are a multitude of solid economic, social and environmental reasons for commercial renewable energy.


  1. The price of purchasing renewable energy power systems has dropped dramatically over the last 18 months, while electricity prices have skyrocketed – and the price hikes will continue.
  2. Generate electricity at a lower cost than purchasing from a utility.
  3. Generate revenue by selling your power to your building’s tenant or to electricity retailers.
  4. Increase the value of your building by improving your Greenstar rating.
  5. Reduce electricity use on site related to cooling by using solar to reflect sunlight from your North facing roof.
  6. Government solar tax rebates and credits are available

Social and promotional

  1. Enhance your brand’s credibility via system visibility, Environmental friendly launch events.
  2. Produce peak power – Brazil is heading towards a chronic shortage.


  1. Generate clean, green energy for decades – well beyond the 25 year warranty period on the panels.
  2. Solar panels and Wind Generator turbines used by EcoPlanet Energy have low embodied energy of less than 10 months meaning that the life-cycle environmental impact is minimal.

Commercial Renewable Advantage – Special financial arrangements.

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