Be a shining example in the community

We believe in a world in which renewable energy plays a role in every aspect of our lives. That is why along this long journey to make renewable energy the standard source for electric and thermal power, you our clients are seen as our inspired leaders.
Be it as a retired couple choosing to reduce their dependence on the grid network electricity, to the campus of a large company seeking to partially offset its energy consumption, they are all leaders in our campaign to live a more healthier and sustainable life.

We invite you to view a few example Case Studies below, to learn about how our innovative solutions can benefit you.
Let’s discuss how we can work together to reach your sustainability goals. Together let’s make a difference to preserve a cleaner environment.

Case Study 1

“Sustainable Hot Water”
A residential Solar Thermal System installation in a condominium complex. It was constructed to provide domestic hot water for showers.

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Case Study 2

“A sustainable Community”
32 eddyGT 1 kW turbines were installed at the new Lexington Farms residential Condo development, resulting in lowered electric bills for the residents.

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Case Study 3

“Sustainable House Energy Costs”
Solar Photovoltaic system installed to power an emergency circuit to power basic electric appliances (eg. Tv, radio and computer equipment) in the case of emergencies. The household estimates 25% savings in their energy costs.

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Case Study 4

“Project in Progress”
Yet another EcoPlanet Energy Solution in development.

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Case study 5

Sauipe-Chacara Massarandupio

“Country house with solar power” A house in the country is energized by solar energy on the north coast of Bahia.
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Case Study 6

Salvador-Marina de Aratu

“Sailboats sailing with solar energy” EcoPlanet installs solar powered generators for boats in Bahia.
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