Incentives are offered around the world to encourage the general population to opt for cleaner and more efficient uses of energy. Incentives are often associated with offers by the government in the form of discounts or credits available to lower the price of your purchase and eventual energy consumption.

For example, currently, the US government offers a 30% tax credit towards the purchase of wind turbines smaller than 100kW.
Another example is that the UK & European governments offer similar tax credits, as well as fiscal discounts and ‘buy-backs’ which enable the consumer to sell its generated energy back to the utility company.
Depending on your local region, there are hundreds of public and private financial incentives to motivate the consumer to invest in the planet’s future.

In Latin America, with reference to Brazil as the largest economy in the region, the incentives are somewhat limited compared to the USA, the UK or Europe, but rapid advancements are occurring.
For example, the board of the National Agency of Electrical Energy (ANEEL) approved in April 2012 rules intended to reduce barriers for installing small distributed generation, including micro-generation of up to 100 KW of power, and mini-generation from 100 KW to 1 MW.
This creates a new revolutionary standard for the introduction of an Energy Compensation system in the region, which allows consumers to install small renewable energy system generators in their properties and exchange the energy generated with the local distributor.

You may view some of the incentives available in the above mentioned regions, by following the links:

Several other countries also offer incentives. Though it would be impossible to summarize incentives for every country or region in the world.
We suggest you contact a local eco Energy solutions provider or distributor for more information on incentives that may be available for your specific local region.