A brief history

EcoPlanet Energy was founded between a small group of skilled engineers and qualified electricians. This competent family was put together by a talented entrepreneur as a result of devising customized solutions for situations where solar or wind energy was the only viable solution for a small minority of consumers.

We are a young ambitious company of highly qualified professionals with training in electronic, electrical, plumbing and architectural engineering with a great wealth of experience with innovative renewable energy products and solutions in the micro-generation of clean and sustainable power.

In 2012 the company started to offer expert knowledge in the development and use of efficient renewable energy systems, primarily through the use of Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine Generator equipment for Residential, Commercial and Rural applications.  EcoPlanet Energy also offers products from a select group manufacturers and suppliers in this industry that invest in the well being of the environment.

We are also a committed team of talented individuals offering our customers a totally new way to go green.
We believe by slowly eliminating the use of energy generated from polluted burning fossil fuels, we can use innovate technologies that generate from abundant sustainable energy sources benefiting our environment.

We believe in a world in which renewable energy plays a role in every aspect of our lives. That is why along this long journey to make renewable energy the standard source for electric and thermal power, we assist you with switching to a more sustainable life-style, a fun and educational experience.

As a dedicated renewable energy integrator our focus is always on the high level of service provided to ensure that a quality solution is chosen to fit our customer’s needs and budget. Our consultants are trained to offer the best compromise between the best solutions that fit our customers needs, always ensuring the best benefits that come with quick returns of investment.

We look forward to working with you and assure you a renewable solution that will make you proud.