Illuminating bus shelters at night increases passenger security and the perception of safety for public  transport users.

Choosing a solar option means instant installation, no traffic disruption and eliminates the cost and delays associated with traditional grid connection.

Most shelter manufacturers are now offering a solar lighting option and EcoPlanet Energy is the supplier of choice for those who require an elegant and practical solution which is both cost effective and reliable.

Solar powered LED lighting systems from EcoPlanet Energy give Local Authorities, Councils and Street Furniture Manufacturers the ability to install illuminated shelters wherever they are needed, including remote areas where mains electricity is not an option.

Whether you are lighting your transit stops to increase security, promote rider ship, reduce drive-byes or meet mandates, EcoPlanet Energy can provide robust solar powered lighting systems that meet your precise solar lighting requirements. Our Canopy and Shelter Series luminaires create bright, white uniform light that you can not only see, but you can see by.

In other words, you’ll easily read your schedule or your newspaper. With features such as user controllable profiles, run-time extension and LVD override, you’ll never leave your public pedestrians or commuters in the dark.

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