Hot water from the Sun

Solar Thermal Collector (Flat Panel)

Heating water represents the biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in an average household.

30% of total greenhouse gases households produce is due to water heating. Solar water heaters can dramatically reduce energy bills without any environmental impacts. Installing solar hot water also reduces our dependency on fossil fuels.


Hot water and household energy usage

Electric and gas hot water systems account for approximately 20% of a household’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The technology for solar thermal water heaters is entirely different to a photo-voltaic off grid or grid connect system.
For example, solar heaters use a flat plate with collector panels or evacuated tubes to absorb the heat from sunlight and then raise the temperature of the water.

Solar thermal hot water explained

Flat plate collectors work on copper pipes running through a glass covered collector, often connected to a water storage tank on the roof. The hot water can then thermo-siphon itself in and out of the tank, thus heating the water.
Read our blog for more information on how a solar hot water system works and  How much energy and money can you save.

Benefits of Solar thermal hot water systems

By installing a solar thermal water system you will reduce these emissions and also save up to 75% of your water heating costs! Not only be lessening your family’s environmental impact through reducing carbon emissions, but saving money on an ongoing basis - free hot water courtesy of the sun.

We can arrange installation throughout your area and have completed hundreds of projects through our list of accredited partners.

If you have a written quote from another supplier on a solar hot water system below our price, fax or email it to us – we will better any written quote on comparable solar hot water systems.

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