ECOPLANET promotes renewable energy in university sustainability project

Eco-architecture and Eco-Containers


Shipping Container Studio in San Antonio-Texas-USA

Shipping Container Studio in San Antonio-Texas-USA

The concept of housing has been changed and increasingly more new ideas come to the fore and become the trend in this market segment. An example is “eco-architecture“. It is increasingly present in buildings, creating cost-effective solutions and new alternatives to live or work in, always focusing on well-being and sustainability of our planet.

Another factor contributing to the creation of new options for housing and work is the overcrowding of cities, coupled with economic factors that makes new concepts to build environments for a greater number of people at a more affordable price.


And this was the thinking that created the idea of showing this concept in practice with offices and ordinary houses, by demonstrating it in the “eco-container“.
EcoPlanet Energy embraced the opportunity to help the University Jorge Amado (Unijorge) in Salvador, Bahia, with its “eco-container” project, aiming to demonstrate sustainability through the use of clean and renewable energy.


EcoPlanet Energy is a popular reference in the renewable energy solutions market in the northeast of the country, and increasingly achieves its mission to popularize the use of renewable energy, when it comes to micro and mini generation of clean and renewable energy in the country. It offers eco-efficient products and high quality services in renewable energy solutions, bringing great savings to its customers by providing efficiency in energy consumption, that also results in positive contributions to the environment.

The sophisticated solutions demonstrated in this eco-container project, follow the lifestyle of today’s modern society: sustainable, solar photovoltaic modules,  rainwater collection for reusable water storage and green (garden) roofs, leaving behind the traditional format a house.
The photovoltaic system installed on this eco-container stores its generated energy in a battery which is sufficient to feed all electrical / electronic equipment housed in the container.

ecoplanet_ecoContainer-unijorge“Another important factor to remember is that the containers that would be otherwise thrown away, can now be reused for the formation of these new home or office concepts, making this prospect an economical, practical and environmentally friendly process,” points out, Ian Ross, the director of EcoPlanet Energy.

“We are proud to offer the public a viable alternative option to take control of their energy costs. Our goal is to continue to innovate with the development of renewable energy solutions, always prioritizing the needs of our customers and continue to strive for their complete satisfaction, allowing them to have a better quality of life, and at the same time contributing to the preservation of a more sustainable planet.” concludes the executive.


Control panel of the photovoltaic system

And you? Would you live in an “eco-container” house or office?

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