Bahia to receive the largest solar farm in Latin America


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Located 800 kilometers from EcoPlanet Energy’s headquarters in the northeast capital of Bahia – Salvador (BA), is Mariquita, the Tabocas district of Brejo Velho, will receive the largest solar power plant ever built in Latin America, with capacity of 254 MW and estimated annual production of 500 GWh. The project was named Ituverava project and is funded by the Italian Enel Green Power company, it is expected to be in operation in 2017.

This will be the largest solar power plant in Latin America, and will help meet the constant demand for electricity in the country – which according to estimates will increase at an average rate of 4% per year by 2020.

Solar energy in Brazil: The increase in energy consumption that Brazil is facing in recent years, is not being accompanied by an increase in power generation from traditional sources present in the country, including hydroelectric, and therefore requires a diversification within their energy grid (matrix). The solution to this problem is represented by photovoltaic plants, which among all renewable energy sources are those that cause the least environmental impact, in addition to the other advantages and benefits that distributed energy generation presents. The auctions held in Brazil by ANEEL (Brazil’s Central Energy Agency) are having a major success.

Source: ABIDES (Brazilian Association for Integration and Sustainable Development)


Solar market hitting new heights, as costs keep dropping 22-06-2016, 05:15

The solar market is growing at an unprecedented rate, with a possibility that there could be 700 GW of installed PV across the world by 2020, according to a new report from SolarPower Europe.
Source: Picture: Brazil Solar Park 254 MW Picture


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